Causes Of The Inconvenient Frizz That Ruins Your Hair

girl with frizzy hair

Isn’t this a question that’s very common among women? We always wonder why the hair went frizzy. What happened or what did we so wrong. There’s another belief that straight hair doesn’t go frizzy, only curly hair do. That’s not entirely right. Frizz can occur in both, but yes, curly hair is more susceptible to frizz

Are you wondering what could be the cause? Frizz happens when the hair cuticle layer is raised. This means that hair does not have enough moisture and is seeking moisture from the air, which eventually, causes frizz. There can be numerous reasons that raise the hair cuticle layer. While you cannot control everything, some causes work in your favor, and you can control those.

Frizz can be very inconvenient, and that’s something most people relate to. Let us take a look at the causes of frizz in our hair:

Lack Of Water

Not drinking water is a common mistake that we all do, and we should not be doing. This results in massive damage to the body. While the loss cannot be seen as drastic, dry hair, dry skin, or acne are all due to lack of proper water intake. Because we don’t drink enough water, the hair lacks moisture which results in frizz. Drink water to improve body health internally.

Protein Balance

Frizz is a result of extra protein in hair. Your protein to moisture balance is completely off. Protein is high, and moisture is low, which is causing the frizz to occur. You have to use products that are not high protein and also which are moisture friendly. Choose products that provide moisture to your hair as that should help with frizz.

Drying Shampoo

Check your shampoo. Using sulfate and other chemical shampoos will lead to the loss of moisture in the hair. If that’s the case, change your shampoo immediately. Choosing frizzy hair shampoos which would necessarily mean a shampoo that has low protein and more moisture products in it. Incorrect shampoo can lead to very damaging hair.


One of the known reason for frizz is also exposure to chemicals. Bleached, dyed or colored hair which has been tampered quite frequently causing hair getting exposed to unwanted chemicals. This causes drying of hair and lack of moisture as well. This paves the way for frizz. When you are getting your hair colored or some chemical treatment, ensure you have checked all the ingredients that will be used.

No Deep Conditioning

Your hair is frizzy as a sign that it has not been conditioned. Deep condition your hair to improve hair health. Deep conditioning is the best way to retain moisture. Apply deep conditioner for frizzy hair by dividing hair into sections. Cover with a plastic cap and wrap a hot towel over it. Wash with frizzy hair shampoo after 25 – 30 minutes.

Styling Products

If you are using too many styling products, this one is for you. It is important to check that those styling products do not contain harmful chemicals. Chemicals strip the head of moisture and make it dry. This causes the hair to frizz. Make your styling products hair friendly by choosing the products which have hydrating and moisturizing components and not chemicals

Lack Of Oiling

Oiling is essential to lubricate and give your hair the required moisture. Oiling will make hair smooth, even and shiny. Oil provides nourishment and natural conditioning to your hair, and lack of it makes it exposed to the pollution without a protective layer. Hair seeks moisture from the air and ends up being frizzy. Oil your hair once a week or more if you have thick locks.


It is the enemy of dry hair. As much as you love the hot water baths, they are responsible for the frizz. Similarly, if you are using the blow dryer at a very high temperature, then that means more heat and in turn more frizz. Use a diffuser for evenly spread out heat and see the difference. Also, don’t let your hair directly exposed to the sun. Use a scarf or hat; it will help to retain moisture.


Now that you know what causes the frizz, you must avoid and remediate so that you can evolve to have better hair health. Your hair is your responsibility, and no one is going to do your job for you. Take it seriously, and you will have beautiful, frizz free and silky hair before you even know it. Efforts reap benefits, always!