Causes Of The Inconvenient Frizz That Ruins Your Hair

Isn’t this a question that’s very common among women? We always wonder why the hair went frizzy. What happened or what did we so wrong. There’s another belief that straight hair doesn’t go frizzy, only curly hair do. That’s not entirely right. Frizz can occur in both, but yes, curly hair is more susceptible to frizz

Are you wondering what could be the cause? Frizz happens when the hair cuticle layer is raised. This means that hair does not have enough moisture and is seeking moisture from the air, which eventually, causes frizz. There can be numerous reasons that raise the hair cuticle layer. While you cannot control everything, some causes work in your favor, and you can control those.

Frizz can be very inconvenient, and that’s something most people relate to. Let us take a look at the causes of frizz in our hair:

Lack Of Water

Not drinking water is a common mistake that we all do, and we should not be doing. This results in massive damage to the body. While the loss cannot be seen as drastic, dry hair, dry skin, or acne are all due to lack of proper water intake. Because we don’t drink enough water, the hair lacks moisture which results in frizz. Drink water to improve body health internally.

Protein Balance

Frizz is a result of extra protein in hair. Your protein to moisture balance is completely off. Protein is high, and moisture is low, which is causing the frizz to occur. You have to use products that are not high protein and also which are moisture friendly. Choose products that provide moisture to your hair as that should help with frizz.

Drying Shampoo

Check your shampoo. Using sulfate and other chemical shampoos will lead to the loss of moisture in the hair. If that’s the case, change your shampoo immediately. Choosing frizzy hair shampoos which would necessarily mean a shampoo that has low protein and more moisture products in it. Incorrect shampoo can lead to very damaging hair.


One of the known reason for frizz is also exposure to chemicals. Bleached, dyed or colored hair which has been tampered quite frequently causing hair getting exposed to unwanted chemicals. This causes drying of hair and lack of moisture as well. This paves the way for frizz. When you are getting your hair colored or some chemical treatment, ensure you have checked all the ingredients that will be used.

No Deep Conditioning

Your hair is frizzy as a sign that it has not been conditioned. Deep condition your hair to improve hair health. Deep conditioning is the best way to retain moisture. Apply deep conditioner for frizzy hair by dividing hair into sections. Cover with a plastic cap and wrap a hot towel over it. Wash with frizzy hair shampoo after 25 – 30 minutes.

Styling Products

If you are using too many styling products, this one is for you. It is important to check that those styling products do not contain harmful chemicals. Chemicals strip the head of moisture and make it dry. This causes the hair to frizz. Make your styling products hair friendly by choosing the products which have hydrating and moisturizing components and not chemicals

Lack Of Oiling

Oiling is essential to lubricate and give your hair the required moisture. Oiling will make hair smooth, even and shiny. Oil provides nourishment and natural conditioning to your hair, and lack of it makes it exposed to the pollution without a protective layer. Hair seeks moisture from the air and ends up being frizzy. Oil your hair once a week or more if you have thick locks.


It is the enemy of dry hair. As much as you love the hot water baths, they are responsible for the frizz. Similarly, if you are using the blow dryer at a very high temperature, then that means more heat and in turn more frizz. Use a diffuser for evenly spread out heat and see the difference. Also, don’t let your hair directly exposed to the sun. Use a scarf or hat; it will help to retain moisture.


Now that you know what causes the frizz, you must avoid and remediate so that you can evolve to have better hair health. Your hair is your responsibility, and no one is going to do your job for you. Take it seriously, and you will have beautiful, frizz free and silky hair before you even know it. Efforts reap benefits, always!

Great Haircuts for Fashionable Men

As a man, the type of hair that you carry says a lot about your fashion sense. It is a common knowledge that fashion keeps changing, and the same applies for men hairstyles.

 If you are a lover of sport, you must have noticed various forms of hairstyles, especially from your favorite athletes. Some of these stars carry awesome haircut styles that you draw inspiration of your next haircut from, while some you don’t want to try at all because they do not look so great.

It is important to look fashionable, and your haircut style is one way you can show off your fashion sense. Most men find it challenging to research the current techniques. They can try out due to their busy schedule. So they settle for an old haircut that becomes boring over time. This article will take you through the popular hairstyles that are trending, and they will make you look fashionable if you try them out.

So the next time you walk into a barbershop you know precisely what you want. This will even save you the time of going through the hairstyles catalogs. Besides, it is not all hairstyles that look great on everybody; this is because we have different face shapes.

The trending men’s hairstyles range from classic to modern cuts, and short to medium to long haircuts. There is a vast variety of styles to choose from.

A Guide to the Latest Fashionable Men Haircut

The next time you have your hairstyle, you want to go for something that will earn you compliments from women and men alike. The styles to be mentioned below are fresh, and you can try them out to see yourself.

1. Popular low haircuts

There are many different types of little/show haircuts that men can try. Some of these are best fit for men with thick hairs while others are for both categories.

Fade Hairstyle

You are most likely to recognize the term fade haircut. Most men today carry the fade haircut. However, there is a different type of fade haircuts.  There is fade high, mid, low, shin, razor, and burst. For little faded hair, the lower part of the hair that is above the hairline is faded. However, high fade starts from the upper part and stems downwards to the sides of the hair.

Classic Taper

This is an all-round hairstyle. One characterized feature of this haircut is how the hair gets shorter down the head from the top. If you keep short hair, then you may want to try out the classic taper. It gives you a trendy look without having to stay unnecessary log hair, and this is why it is the most popular haircut style of 2019.

Undercut Hairstyle

This hairstyle has become very common over time. You can have either short or high cuts on the side and back of your hair which adds an attractive shade to your hair. This is one of the best haircut styles for men that have thick hairs. The undercut haircut can be paired textured or messy hairstyles such as the long fringe, comb-over, and faux hawk.

Quiff Haircut

This is the most popular haircuts for men that prefer to go for a short to the medium-length hairstyle. It is also an option to consider for men with thick hair. The natural look of the haircut is from the application of textured matte balm to the hair. This haircut can be styled in different varieties to give you a modern look.

Crew cut

The crew cut is a hairstyle that has been around for a while now, and it is not going down anytime soon. The crew cut will look perfect on you especially when you combine it with faded sides.

Disconnected undercut

The disconnected undercut is perfect for men who want a short haircut with a longer top length. The style features lowly shaved sides. It accentuates perfectly well with men with beards.

Mid fade

For men who want to look fashionable and smart at the same time, the mid fade is an option to consider. The styles see a gradual change from long to short hair in the temple region. There is also a second version of this style called drop fade. Here, the fade falls behind the ear to form the shape of an arc.

High Fade

The high fade is another type of fade haircut style that gives you that beautiful appearance. The stylesheet with a consistent and gradual change in the length of the hair is from long to short.


Go to the barber shop and you may consider having a buzz cut. Nothing is big here if you look good on short length.

Caesar Cut

This is an age long hairstyle that Julio Caesar himself rocked. If you have this haircut, your barber will cut your hair short, but a small horizontal fringe will be added.

French Crop

The French crop is a hairstyle that has been around for a while now. However, of recent more people are rocking the hairstyle which is why it is on this list. The French cop features a short length that creates a small fringe when styled forward.

2. Common Medium Haircuts

Men are becoming interested in new haircuts styles. There are more options to style your hair with the medium length haircut than the low cut. A medium length haircut offers more versatility for styling.

Bro Flow

Bro flow is the haircut if you want to have that office look and stay professional while also, of course, looking fashionable. Another useful feature of the hairstyle is that it is an excellent choice for men of all ages.

Slicked Back

The slicked back hairstyle is a classic hairstyle that has been around for a while now, and it is still relevant today. To keep this hair, you should have a thick hair that is long, that all you need, your barber will do the rest.

Blow out

Blow out is a cool hairstyle that grew popularity as the love for voluminous hair grew. So if you love voluminous hair, then you want to try the blowout. It requires that you have medium length hair.

Faux Hawk

The faux hawk is a new style for you to try out. It has the look of a Mohawk, but it is not precisely a Mohawk because it lacks the intensity.

3. Common long Haircut

Some men choose to keep long hair, and it is okay. There are cool hairstyles that you can continue with your long hair and still look fashionable. Over time, there we have seen more new hairstyles pop up.

Loose waves or curls

The loose waves or curls are one of the best hairstyles for men with long hair. In spite of the low maintenance, it still looks fashionable on men that carry this hairstyle.

Long hair with pair

If you have long and curly hair, you can add a part to it. The part can be added anywhere depending on your preference. You can choose between the side and the middle sections.

Man Braids

Of recent, man braids have gained popularity among men with long hairs. So if you are interested in having a trendy look, you can make it out. You will be surprised by your new look.


Freckles in fashion? A real trend

Freckles are getting quite popular in fashion nowadays. It is a trend that seems to highlight the fantastic qualities that young models have and can inspire in the public. And the truth is that freckles are cute so it was about time to be cherished at their real value! More than exposing their natural freckles, there are plenty of people who are getting fake freckles to be in trend. On the other hand, there are so many people who want to remove freckles by using a special freckle removal cream.

More aspects play an essential role when it comes to the increased popularity of freckles. People who have them by birth should consider themselves lucky. And those who were not blessed with such charming freckles can still achieve them artificially. This guide will tell you all you need to know about the freckles trend and how can you be part of it too!

But let’s see why freckles are so popular nowadays and what can you make out of this fashion wave?

What Freckles Do To Your Image?

Makeup artists agree that freckles bring a plus of youth and beauty to all those blessed with them. When we see someone with freckles, we get the image of a child or a young person in mind, and that can only work in the benefit of that person. And finally, the fashion industry discovered the potential of these skin features and decided to explore it to its highest advantage.

So if you have freckles and you were ashamed of them in your childhood, times have changed. Nowadays, you can show off your freckles and even go to different castings to pose for fashion campaigns. Funny enough the fashion made freckle seem like skin imperfections only decades ago as well. So, it is all now in the fashion’ hands. Here are some crucial aspects that will make you fall in love with your freckles and never want to cover them again!

  • They keep you young forever. Believe it or not, freckles are a sign of youth in more cultures worldwide. Both men and women look fabulous wearing them in a variety of circumstances. Thanks to this aspect, and the fact that everyone wants to hide their age at least once, in their life, freckles are something to be proud of if you have them. And if you don’t have them naturally, go and get them as there are many methods to achieve this forever young look!
  • They make you unique. Even if we are similar to people and we all have some beauty standards that we tend towards, as a matter of fact, we are all unique on this Earth. There is no one like you out there even if there might be individuals that have everyday things with you. And freckles make sure to underline this uniqueness of our human nature. Among all the other unique features you have, you can be sure that you freckles are like no one else’s! The moment you realize that you will fall in love with each freckle that embellishes your face!
  • They are a sign of unique beauty. Let’s use it, as much as everybody loves freckles nowadays; not everyone has them. The best freckles are the natural ones, and these only come for specific individuals, especially Irish ones. Because the natural freckles are not so common, they are considered a particular type of beauty. So, if you have freckles, you should be aware not only of you full beauty but also of your unconditional abilities to enjoy your life! Live up to your freckles!
  • They go with almost all types of makeup. Don’t let anyone tell that freckles are hard to value using makeup. There are plenty of makeup techniques that not only go perfectly with your freckles, but they will make them look even better than ever before. You can use foundation as well; also if most likely, you don’t have to. And highlighting those beautiful eyes and lips with great colors will only make your freckled face a lot more unique and attractive!

How to Achieve Fake Freckles That Look Real?

If you are in love with this trend as well, but you don’t have natural freckles, there is no need to worry. Most people who love freckles don’t have some of their own. But the good news is that nowadays you can achieve them quite easily. And they will look as natural as if you were born with them! Here are some favorite ways to get those freckles and show them off as you want!

Get special stickers

Since freckles became so popular nowadays, there are several ways to achieve them. The decals can be applied at home, and you don’t need any special instructions other than the ones that come with them. You will clean your face and use the stickers in the areas that they are designed for. They last for up to two days, and if you choose the right ones, they seem very natural. The trick on selecting the best stickers stays on knowing your skin tone to perfection. Because they will have to blend in not only with your features but also with your skin tone, hair color, and eyes color as well. If you are not sure, talk to a makeup artist who will be able to recommend you the best type of freckled stickers for your complexion.

Use makeup tricks

The first way to achieve freckles was through using makeup tricks. The artists in the industry developed their techniques to make these fake freckles look as natural and as beautiful as possible. They use special pencils and colors to create the illusion of a person who has freckles from birth. And the best makeup artists can reach this ideal. So, if you are tempted to get some freckles, go to an expert who can give you the best results. The good part about these types of freckles is that you can wash them off if you don’t like how you look with them. And as trendy as they are, you might not find them as attractive on your skin, as you initially imagined. But luckily, makeup gives you the freedom to change your mind.

Get tattoos

This is a more radical way of getting fake freckles, but it is prevalent worldwide as well. It most likely crossed your mind to tattoo those freckles and make them look like you were born with them. And, while this can be a great idea, especially if you already know that you look good with freckles, it is also a risky one. After all, freckles are part of a fashion trend nowadays. But what will you do in 10 or 20 years when this trend will be replaced by a new one or even an opposite one? A tattoo is for eve, and if you make it on your face, it is even more life-changing. Therefore, you may want to imagine twice about this one!

The Most Notorious Freckled Looks in the View

When we mentioned that freckles are very trendy, we were not joking at all. Many celebrities added these exciting features to their image and promoted them all over the world. And you most likely heard of at least half of them!

We will start with the beautiful Selena Gomez who made a campaign to support and promote the Gucci house. Her pictures have some real cure freckles on her face that seem natural, and they go great with her overall childish image. In those pictures, Selena wears very little makeup because freckles tend to add enough beauty to one’s face. So there is little need for any other makeup tricks!

Zara also had a massive campaign in 2017-2018 that represented their collections, and they used models with freckles. We don’t know if these models have real freckles or fake ones, but they all look amazingly good. And the men are matching perfectly with the young and fresh vibe of the entire clothes collection.

Freckles gained plenty of popularity in Argentina as well as the wife of Michael Buble posed for Vitamina clothing brand. The pictures got famous fast, and everyone appreciated the beauty of the models with their natural looking freckles. This was such a successful campaign that many people started to achieve fake freckles just because they liked these advertisements. The power of fashion is incredible!

What about the movie industry? Freckles made their way here as well. There was almost always one actor or actress that exposed their cute freckles. But it seems that nowadays the freckles are the thing to go for. Some of the most potent examples are the famous Penelope Cruz and Emma Watson. Both showed off their freckles on several occasions, and they inspired millions of people around the world.


Freckles will most likely stay on top of the fashion industry for a while. They are beautiful, unique and they have a forever young tint to them. And because they are straightforward to achieve artificially as well, we have a recipe for a long-lasting trend that will charm more and more people!